First Panasonic VIERA Firefox OS-powered Smart TVs go on Sale

panasonic firefox os tvs

The Firefox OS is slowly gaining more adopters. While it faces a huge challenge in the mobile market, which is dominated by the iPhone and Android, it hopes to make a difference in emerging countries. But the smart minds over at Mozilla are also betting on smart TVs powered by Firefox OS, and now the […]

Mozilla and Panasonic to Expand Firefox OS to Smart TVs

firefox os smart tv

It seems that the Firefox operating system isn’t limited only to smartphones and upcoming tablets, as Mozilla has recently made public its intentions of expanding the technology inside Firefox OS to next-generation smart TVs, as well. This is probably just an announcement of future plans, as it’s hard for me to think that Mozilla will […]

Firefox OS Gets Multiple Features Ready for 1.3 Release

firefox os 1.3

We have taken a break from writing, but we are now back covering the most important Firefox OS news. Asa Dotzler, who oversees the development of Firefox OS at Mozilla, has decided to share with the community the team’s weekly progress in the Firefox OS development. He has made public some of the breakthroughs, as […]

Mozilla to Test Firefox OS on Tablets Built by Foxconn

firefox os tablet

Mozilla is silently working on their Firefox OS project that is expected to get more eyeballs at the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There aren’t yet too many Firefox OS devices on the market, but this is going to change in the near future thanks to the growing number of carriers. Recently, Mozilla has […]

LG Launches Fireweb: Its First Firefox OS Smartphone for $200

lg fireweb firefox os smartphone

After we have reported back in August that LG was preparing to launch its first Firefox OS device, we now have official information that this has happened! LG has launched the Fireweb Firefox OS smartphone in a joint event with the Telefonica Vivo carrier. The Fireweb Firefox OS smartphone will join the Alcatel One Touch Fire […]

Mozilla Updates Firefox OS to 1.1, Prepares for 2nd Round of Device Launches

firefox os 1.1 update

A while, back in August, we were discussing some potential new features in Firefox OS 1.1. Now, the speculation has ended as Mozilla has oficially introduced the first updated to its mobile Firefox OS. The very first updates to Firefox OS adds some important new features, performance improvements and additional language support. Here is the […]

LG Executive Says a Firefox OS Smartphone is on the Cards for 2014

lg firefox os phone

It seems that LG is going to join Alcatel, GeeksPhone and ZTE in the Firefox OS market. During an interview with Bulgarian online outlet, LG’s mobile communications head in Bulgaria, mister Dimitar Valev, has spilled the beans on company’s plans for the future. While he tried to refer only to plans that regard Bulgaria, it’s obvious that […]

Firefox OS $80 ZTE Open Phone Sells Out in the US and UK

zte open sold out

A little over a week ago, ZTE has decided to sell the ZTE Open in the United States and United Kingdom through eBay. The community of Firefox OS fans got really excited about the opportunity to get their hands on the first Firefox OS smartphone for only eighty dollars. If you didn’t order a ZTE […]

NFC in Firefox OS: When is it Coming?

firefox os nfc

NFC is one of the latest technologies that allow us to share content between NFC-enabled device or, say, to get access to a movie theater just by using a simple swap. This is possible thanks to the presence of a NFC chip, also called NFC tag. At this moment of its evolution, Firefox OS developers […]

Firefox OS 1.1: New Features in the Latest Update

firefox os 1.1 features

There aren’t too many Firefox OS devices out there, but GeeksPhone spanish startup has already made a name for itself with its Firefox OS phones – the GeeksPhone Keon, GeeksPhone Peak and the latest – GeeksPhone Peak+ (you can win one in a photography contest). And exactly these devices are the first to get the Firefox […]