Kovacs, Mozilla’s Exec Who Made Firefox OS Appealing, Now CEO at AVG

FirefoxOS is a project that is still in its early days but is a mobile project that got excited so many carriers all over the world. For consumer, FirefoxOS doesn’t represent the power of open standards and HTML 5 application, but it’s rather a worthy alternative to more expensive Android and Windows Phone devices.

FirefoxOS is still a very, very young mobile operating system. The first groundwork was set up on July 25, 2011 when Dr. Andreas Gal, Director of Research at Mozilla Corporation had announced the “Boot to Gecko” Project (B2G). Since then, the research has continued with a focus on developing open standards. The real breakthrough moment was a year ago, in July 2012, when Booth to Gecko was rebranded into FirefoxOS and that happened under Gary Kovacs’ rule at Mozilla.

gary kovacs firefox os

Gary Kovacs, Mozilla’s CEO that made Firefox OS a reality

Probably it’s an understatement to say that Kovacs made Firefox OS a reality as that is mostly the merit of those hard-working engineers, but as the boss of the company, he definitely deserves some credit. From late 2010, when he joined Mozilla as CEO and up until April, this year, when it was announced that he would retire, the company has seen significant growth, especially in new areas.

Kovacs was also the one to preview Firefox OS at the Mobile World Congress 2013 from Barcelona. That’s when Firefox OS managed to attract the attention and the support of 18 major worldwide mobile operators. Last year, Gar Kovacs also managed to sign a $1 billion deal with Google, keeping it the default search engine in the Firefox browser. When he resigned, Kovacs said the following:

After three years of a lot of change to move the organization faster forward, I wanted to move back to something more commercial. It is really a different Mozilla. Firefox changed the world, and now we have to orient around how to build mobile. And while the odds are still ‘who knows,’ Mozilla is now in a good position to fight the fight.

The former CEO added more staff, opened global offices and increased the presence of Mozilla in the mobile industry with FirefoxOS. Most likely, we will realize his role in the company when FirefoxOS will be a more mature product.

Kovacs now head of AVG Technologies

Interestingly, the main reason that had Kovacs leaving to AVG Technologies is apparently the fact that AVG has started focusing on the mobile space. His words:

AVG currently has a big footprint on desktop, but it also wants to be leading in mobile.As more and more people access the Internet via these devices, what AVG does in this area will become ever more important.

The former Mozilla CEO is also known for his “love” for privacy and that’s another field in which AVG Technologies specializes. Dale Fuller, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AVG said about Gary:

We welcome Gary to AVG and look forward to benefiting from his seasoned leadership skills as CEO and as a member of the Management Board. His past career successes are directly applicable to the opportunity and the future of AVG ­­– mobile, cloud, software and platforms — and we believe that his rare blend of experience, leadership and drive will take AVG to new levels

Gary Kovacs will still remain in Mozilla’s board, most likely because the company still values his precious insights into the world of mobile. Watch below his welcome message to the community of AVG users.

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