Firefox MSI Installers

Firefox MSI Installers

The MSI Installers can come in handy when you need to install the browser across the hundreds or even thousands of the computers in your institution as we know that Mozilla usually encourages the users to use setup.exe when it continues with the download of the latest version of the Firefox. Imagine that you must do the same thing as the many devices. It will take a long time.

With the Firefox MSI installers, you can automate the process. Installing the Firefox MSI to all your institution’s computers will decrease the security incidents and virus. The MSI can help you save time and effort. It is indeed a prevalent solution for the IT administrator. The files contained in the MSI are from the officials with no tweaks or changes. So, it is only the installation process that is different.

Mozilla Firefox is indeed one of the most prominent web browsers in the world. When average users want to install the browser in their computer, they will need to download the Mozilla Firefox from the official websites. The sites will give you an online installer which is small in size. It is not the actual size, though. It is just a setup file. Then you will need to hit the icon and start downloading the real software. Once the download is finished, the Mozilla will set up the Firefox automatically in your PC or laptop.

Firefox MSI

In some occasions, you will probably need to install the Firefox browser in many computers. And if you use the standard installer, it will require a decent internet connection. It will take more time and effort to finish the task.

That’s why Mozilla, starting from Firefox 65 provides the full standalone offline installer for FireFox browser. Contrary to the standard installation file, the Firefox offers the offline installer which comes with full setup files. That means you won’t need an internet connection to install the software. At the point, you will install Firefox in many computers in no time.

The Firefox MSI is purposely designed for enterprise deployment. So, it will be more prevalent to use the MSI installer if you are a person in charge of your company or organization. Not to mention that this offline installer is only available for Windows operating system. It won’t replace the executable installer like Firefox.exe we usually use. It is just another version or method of installation.

However, you can’t just find it on the official Mozilla website with conventional way. You will need to download the MSI installer by Mozilla FTP.

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