Firefox vs. Chrome

Firefox vs. Chrome

Both Firefox and Chrome have been popular browsers used by many users around the world. Often, there have been arguments for appointing which one is better. If you are in the middle of the two browsers, you might end up installing both of them on your computer. But how if you don’t have enough reason to choose either one? You probably want to find the best browser.

Mozilla, the company who builds Firefox, claimed that the browser uses 30% less RAM than Chrome has. It is a captivating claim. That means it won’t slow down your computer. Chrome, on the other side, claims to be the fastest browser on earth. So, how close their claims can be?

Firefox vs Chrome

Let’s first talk about the design. Whether you have been using Firefox or Chrome for a while, you’ll agree that both offers the easy ways to operate. Both Firefox and Chrome have a user-friendly interface.

Speed of the internet may come as the next consideration. If you haven’t tested it yet, we could share what we’ve got. Testing on SpeedTest engine, both Firefox and Chrome show similar results.

If we talk about the RAM used for the browser, there is no significant difference when you use Firefox and Chrome in an average number of tabs. But just like any other browser, you will experience slow down the computer when opening many tabs at the same time. But we found a shocking truth. We opened the same websites with an equal number of tabs in both browsers. It turned out that Firefox consumed more RAM than Chrome. However, Chrome can consume more RAM if we put a lot of extensions in it.

But when it comes to loading the websites, we can give two thumbs up to Firefox. Mozilla is honest with their claim. In several occasions, we noticed that Firefox led slightly faster than Chrome. Some heavy pages loaded faster when we used Firefox. However, it is not always happening. It will depend on the add-ons and extensions, which lead us to the next point of discussion.

Bot add-ons and extensions are available on Firefox and Chrome. You can get the supportive extensions from the website of the browser.

When it comes to security matters, both Firefox and Chrome have a strong record for encrypted data to keep the best for your privacy. You don’t need to worry about the safety of the browser. However, Chrome has an incognito mode that gives you extra layers protection. It is something that Firefox does not have.

In the verdict, Firefox might load some websites slightly faster than Chrome. But Chrome also has the advantages that you could consider to slate it as your primary browser.

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