what is Firefox Portable

Firefox Portable

Mozilla Firefox Portable Edition has been very popular lately. It is because the portable version of the browser has helped many users out there. It was known as Portable Firefox. But the internet users called it Firefox Portable.

The creator of the Firefox Portable is John T.Haller. As the name suggests, it is a portable version of the Mozilla Firefox. The software allows you to run the Firefox from the USB flash drive, DVD-ROM, CD-ROM, HDD Externals, and another portable device on Windows or Linux/UNIX OS computers. So, it won’t obligate you to download the installer of Firefox. Instead, you need to copy the portable software in the device and plug it in any computer you want.

The portable version of Firefox leaves no trace of the personal information so that you can use it with a peace of mind. Besides the portable drive, you can also copy the Firefox Portable on your hard drive.

The Firefox Portable is prevalent for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, ten as well as Wine on UNIX-based systems.

Firefox Portable has all the features of the current version of Mozilla Firefox-like extensions and automatic updating. The most recent version of Firefox Portable has certain modifications to reduce the number of writes to the flash drive. That means the portable version won’t jot down your flash drive with unnecessary files so that you don’t have to clean up your FD on a routine basis. The cookies deletion and history download on exit are disabled because of the licensing agreement with Mozilla.

However, the bookmarks, your settings, as well as your extensions and themes will be accompanying the Firefox Portable in your flash drive. That means you can use the Portable browser from one device to another without losing your settings.

Firefox Portable retains all of the core functions of Firefox. So, if you are an avid Firefox browser but are not allowed to install Firefox in your organization, the Firefox Portable can come in handy for you.

However, you will need to consider specific issues before copying your Firefox Portable file. Many users reported that add-ons and extensions took much longer to install. There will be constant read-writes to your external flash drive. It is essential to know that the heavy duties may decrease the lifespan of the flash drive. If you are using your SD cards, consider using class 10 cards since they are stronger. The other issue is that Firefox Portable can’t cater to multiple profiles. So, you will only have one single profile for one Firefox Portable application.

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