What You Need to Know About Firefox ESR

What You Need to Know About Firefox ESR

Firefox ESR has been revolving as a hot topic on the internet lately. It is because people want to know the perks of using Firefox ESR rather than the Firefox standard edition. Before picking any version of Firefox, it is much essential to remember that ESR is not for the average user.

Firefox ESR is the abbreviation of Firefox Extended Support Release. It is the Firefox version purposely designed for system administrators who are willing to deploy and maintain the desktop environment in the organizations or institutions. It involves a massive scale of users. The organizations can be schools, government offices, commercials, as well as businesses.

The official release of Firefox is already suitable for most users because, by default, the browser will update itself with the latest tool and software. It is a common practice in personal use. However, the updates can overwhelm the structured environments in the organizations we mentioned above. Since the software updates by itself, it can sometimes intervene in the existing systems in the organizations. For instance, some new versions of Firefox might not be compatible with the internal operations of the schools. I still remembered back then I couldn’t access my Student Learning Centre with the updated version of Firefox.

The case above is one of the examples of the risks of automatic updates for Firefox. The best way to prevent the problem is by not updating the version at all. Mozilla offers the ESR – Extended Support Release version of Firefox. The text allows the administrators to “lock” the specific major release version. That means the Firefox won’t update itself to the latest version anymore.

The Firefox ESR won’t be updating to the latest version and continue to work with the current features and functions. However, Mozilla will keep giving new security and bug fixes during the specific timeline.

It is a must that Systems Administrators in great environment use ESR version to prevent the crashes or errors from happening. Often, the internal systems of an organization can work with the older version of Firefox only. Unless your organizations also have an in-house team to update the internal systems on a regular basis, you will want to use ESR version of Firefox. Meanwhile, ordinary users shouldn’t use the ESR Version. You could stick to the default version of Firefox to simplify your process.

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